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I hope Green@no.address is not taking Sustainability in the
wrong direction as corporations will and already try
Green Washing their ways. We want sustainable
resources and not only be covering sustainable
corporate profits. The latter has been part of the
stock market for years.

HP is highlighted in the September issue of
Green@no.address Their VP of marketing and sales, Boris
Elisman, wrote an article entitled, Rethinking the Way
We Design: How a company designs can enhance customer
value, opening many doors to new markets. The piece is
full of stuff about Design for the Environment,
product stewardship, etc. The article is interesting
in light of the fact that Elisman is the company
representative quoted in the Lyra Research article
Jason Brown notes below:

According to Boris Elisman, vice president of
marketing and sales for HP's Imaging Supplies
Business, the rationale for this was twofold. "We've
customized our printers and the supplies to meet the
differing needs of customers in various parts of the
world," says Elisman, adding that a secondary reason
was to keep pricing stable in terms of world currency,
an obvious reference to the practice of gray


 David Biddle, Executive Director

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