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RE: [greenyes] RE: PEER Press Release

At 01:56 AM 11/7/2004 -0800, Bruce Arkwright,Jr wrote:
Why did you Only ask for Liberal view points to be
left off, Steve? GOP does not spell GOD
--- Steve Swaim <sswaim@no.address> wrote:

> Let's please leave the liberal political views out
> of this list serve.
> Steven W. Swaim
> Recycling Coordinator
> Davidson County, NC
> Ph: (336) 242-2856
> Fax: (336) 242-2172
> Mobile: (336) 240-0295
> email: sswaim@no.address

This is getting a bit off-topic. But are you saying that "liberal political views" are out, but ones based on superstition, repression, and misrepresentation (that is, what is passing these days for "conservative") are OK? If so, I beg to differ.

On the face of things, who cares how people view the origin of the Grand Canyon. But are we next going to hear that garbage is a gift from God and therefore we should maximize it....?

When religious belief is set against reason, both suffer greatly. In this country we are going through a great spasm of irrationality and I think there is a need to take a stand against it.

Just my personal opinions.

Alan Muller

"Innumerable suns exist; innumerable 'earths' revolve around these suns
in a manner similar to the way the seven planets [sic] revolve around our
sun. Living beings inhabit these worlds."

GIORDANO BRUNO, scientist/philosopher
-burnt at the stake in 1600 for his"astronomical heresy"

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