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Re: [greenyes] Prez debates


There were several statements and questions on energy and environment by
President Bush and Senator Kerry, although I don't have time to do an accurate
fact check at the moment. Is this a matter of general interest or time urgent?

Bush brought up his proposals for hydrogen fueled vehicles, as well as
"Healthy Forests" and "Clear Skies". Kerry focused more on energy independence
through development of renewable energy sources.

Transcripts of the presidential and vice-presidential debates should be
fairly easy to obtain. Feel free to get in touch if it is urgent or if it proves
difficult to obtain the information.

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In a message dated 11/6/04 6:23:34 PM Eastern Standard Time,
pattyballard@no.address writes:

> Does anyone know off hand how many questions in the presidential and vp
> debates were on the environment? I only know of one, in St. Louis, but
> maybe I missed some?
> -Patty
> Patty Bates-Ballard
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