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[greenyes] RE: batteries collection question

Below, Veronica asked for information about battery recycling and EPR
programs. Clean Production Action assembled an Extended Producer
Responsibility Toolkit that includes information about EPR programs for
batteries in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The Toolkit can be found at

The following document by Naoko Tojo (included in the toolkit supplement,
also online) describes the Dutch and Swiss battery EPR programs. Please
check PDF pages 43-55:

Does anyone have a website or document about battery recycling? Are there
other consumer battery programs EPR programs?

Monica Wilson
GAIA: Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives/ Global Anti-Incinerator
1442A Walnut St #20, Berkeley, CA 94709 USA
+1-510-883-9490 ext. 2#

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Dear all,

I was wondering the type of household batteries systems that are in place in
your cities.
Do you have any type of EPR system for batteries? Are they collected apart
from the
common waste stream that goes to the landfill? Are they anyhow recycled?

Any informaiton you could send me would be widely appreciated.



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