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[greenyes] New Mexico Job Opening

Folks, because of your familiarity with recycling, I'm sending you a notice
of an opening in the New Mexico Environment Department. Please pass along
to others that may be interested. If you're from in-state, skip to the
attachment. If you - or someone you know - live in one of the other 49
states, and have the necessary qualifications, consider this: here is a
unique opportunity to work where the lifestyle is worth about ten times the
salary. (There's a reason the state is nicknamed the Land of Enchantment.)
Thanks for considering or passing along. E. Gifford

E. Gifford Stack

Manager, Outlook

Solid Waste Bureau - New Mexico Environment Dept

1101 St. Francis Dr.

Santa Fe, NM 87502

505/827-2653; fax 827-2902

New Mexico Solid Waste Position

The Solid Waste Bureau in the New Mexico Environment Department is seeking
an Environmental Scientist-Specialist focusing on recycling and program
development issues. Duties include managing recycling programs for state
agencies, updating the state's solid waste management plan, and assisting
public/private sectors with solid waste management regulations, plans, and
facility management. Candidates require a bachelor's degree in
environmental sciences, education, marketing, or business along with a
minimum of four years experience in recycling programs, education, solid
waste management operations, or training. Also, the candidate should
possess excellent oral and written communication skills, and expertise with
word processing, database and spreadsheet computer software programs. The
position is located in Santa Fe, NM, and is a pay band 70 - $33,469 to
$59,503, depending on qualifications and experience. Interested individuals
may call E. Gifford Stack at the NMED, 505/827-2653, or send a resume, no
later than November 10, 2004, to egifford_stack@no.address

Justin Stockdale

Recycling Coordinator

Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency

PO Box 6189

Santa Fe, NM 87502-6189


505-780-0628 cell


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