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[greenyes] Breaking down boxes for baling.

Any vertical baler on the market has the power to flatten boxes, and baling 'unbroken' boxes will actually result in a more uniform, durable bale due to the way they interlock and fill available void space while being crushed. There are a few drawbacks, however. The baler's productivity will be greatest when evenly loaded with flattened boxes, and you will also enjoy savings in energy usage, machine wear, and noise. On lighter-duty machines, if a very heavy whole or partially flattened box is added, such as a gaylord, the box can press outward against the upper chamber door with enough force to cause damage. It can also cause a jam as the box is wedged between the platen and the lower chamber door. This is a rare, though potentially pricey problem.
A practical baling technique is often to collect broken down boxes inside a larger box, and then load the whole package into the baler.
Good Luck,
Jay Donnaway
Oregon DEQ

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