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[greenyes] Bush's Near Death Experience>>

Feature: 2/13/2004


Bush's Bounty Hunters

Elite Texas Rangers pursue fortunes through Team Bush



Indeed, few living people have come closer to being killed by a lawless
[large campaign contributor] Pioneer
corporation than George W. Bush. Jogging in Austin in 1999, then-Governor
Bush had
to dive out of the way of a capsizing trash truck. The truck—which had
faulty brakes and was 50,000 pounds over its legal weight limit—was owned by
subsidiary of Houston-based Waste Management (WMX).

Shortly before Bush’s brush with death, Bush Pioneer John Drury resigned as
WMX CEO after investors learned that the company had claimed $1 billion in
bogus earnings. Demonstrating a corporate commitment to recycling, new WMX
CEO Maurice Myers is a Pioneer in Bush’s latest campaign.


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