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[greenyes] Glass Recycling - Neutralizing Colors


WRAP research looks into "closed loop" glass recycling potential
8 June 2004

The potential for more 'closed loop' recycling of glass containers is being
explored as a result of new research published this week.

The research, funded by WRAP, the Waste & Resources Action Programme,
addresses the imbalance between the colour mix of waste glass collected and
the colours produced by the UK container industry.

At present, about half of the collected glass is green but the demand from
UK food and drinks manufacturers is mainly for clear glass.

Under the Packaging Waste Directive, 60% of glass packaging waste must be
recycled by 2008, but there could be a surplus of over 400,000 tonnes of
green glass that is collected with little demand for it in the container

Carried out by the University of Sheffield and British Glass, the £48,000
research study looked into the feasibility of neutralising colour in the
clear glass furnace. Focusing on the six most promising techniques, the work
involved a worldwide literature survey and a series of laboratory-scale

Dr Nick Kirk, project manager, said: "This project is a good example of WRAP
's approach to developing 'closed loop' recycling into new glass containers
in addition to its new market development work."

Following publication of the report, discussions are being held with the
glass container manufacturing industry to examine the findings and establish
how this research can be taken forward.

"The container glass industry is already delivering 80% of glass recycling
in the UK, but increasing the level of closed loop recycling even further is
essential if we are to meet our 2008 targets," explains Andy Dawe, WRAP's
material sector manager for glass.

"This project has provided a basis for further collaboration with the
industry to examine the commercial viability of a number of promising
techniques," he added.

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