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Re: [greenyes] Potential hazards of reuse of railroad ties

I know that you are not supposed to put creosote treated wood in MSW landfills.

Railroad ties and telephone poles use creosote.

You can make them out of plastic, but its more expensive

Michele Raymond

At 09:18 AM 4/30/2004 -0700, Priselac.Adrienne@no.address wrote:

Looking for specific information about the potential toxics and/or
dangers of reusing railroad ties for construction or generally what
railroad ties are treated with?

Thanks for any insight.

Adrienne Priselac
US EPA Region 9
Office of Solid Waste and Pollution Prevention

Michele Raymond
Recycling Laws International/ State Recycling Laws Update
5111 Berwyn Rd. Ste 115 College Park, MD 20740)
301/345-4237 Fax 345-4768

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