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April 25, 2004
NASA Curbs Comments on Ice Age Disaster Movie

rgent: HQ Direction," began a message e-mailed on April 1 to dozens of
scientists and officials at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt,

It was not an alert about an incoming asteroid, a problem with the space
station or a solar storm. It was a warning about a movie.

In "The Day After Tomorrow," a $125 million disaster film set to open on May
28, global warming from accumulating smokestack and tailpipe gases disrupts
warm ocean currents and sets off an instant ice age.

Few climate experts think such a prospect is likely, especially in the near
future. But the prospect that moviegoers will be alarmed enough to blame the
Bush administration for inattention to climate change has stirred alarm at
the space agency, scientists there say.

"No one from NASA is to do interviews or otherwise comment on anything
having to do with" the film, said the April 1 message, which was sent by
Goddard's top press officer. "Any news media wanting to discuss science
fiction vs. science fact about climate change will need to seek comment from
individuals or organizations not associated with NASA."


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