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[greenyes] SWANA Rural Transfer Station Presentation

I still need help...HELP?

Sorry for cross-postings!

Any interest in doing a session with me at the SWANA conference in Portland
this year? I need someone to discuss a successful rural transfer station

I already have someone to discuss rural routing and collection, but need a
good transfer station example.

The conference is in Phoneix, AZ, September 21-23. The session is scheduled
for Tuesday, Sept. 21st from 2-3pm.

Please let me know ASAP - the program is going to the printers soon!

Thanks so much,
Christine McCoy
Director, Environmental Programs
Rural Community Assistance Program
1522 K Street, NW #400
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202/408-1273 ext. 104
Fax: 202/408-8165
Email: cmccoy@no.address

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