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[greenyes] Throwaway pic URL

Dear All,

Many thanks to all GreenYes and JTRNet folks who responded so promptly to my
inquiry re finding the Life mag 1955 photo "Throwaway Living". There were
many helpful tips.

From Susan Hooper, GA DNR (susan_hooper@no.address), came the exact URL for the
photo, as pasted below:

The good news is you can go to this link, pg 2, and see a tiny rendition of
the photo. Yet to be determined is the possible cost of getting access to a
good print. Apparently, Peter Stackpole's work ranks high in B/W still
photography as art, & the body of his work is in the collection of Getty Images.
Their charge to license the photo/get a reproduction may be beyond the zero budget
I have. Will see when their account rep contacts me.

Anyway, I'm much obliged to all who helped with this search. A few people
have placed requests thru their libraries, so maybe that will produce something.
It is a fantastic photo for our waste reduction education efforts.

If anyone else has a budget & could obtain the photo, then share with CA
Resource Recovery Assn (a non-profit), please let me know. I don't know the cost,
but you can register at the URL above & be contacted with the licensing info.
Or, I'll post the cost once I have the info.

We're hoping to have the photo by 4/19, if anyone has other suggestions.

Again, many thanks to all.

Gretchen Brewer
Earth Circle
San Diego, CA
ph 619-282-5132

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