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RE: [greenyes] Question about small quantity perishable food wast e recovery programs and are both programs in
Minnesota. The Twelve Baskets program began in 1984 and has had a good track
record and has some good data. ASFR, All Seasons Food Rescue, was started by
a former program manger for the Twelve Baskets program, Yvonne Wood, who has
lots of experience running a food rescue program.
Both would be good resources.
Cathi Lyman-Onkka
Saint Paul - Ramsey County Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Section
Phone: 651-773-4449 Fax: 651-773-4454

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From: Gary Liss [mailto:gary@no.address]
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recovery programs


Check out Second Harvest at This is a
national network of food reuse programs.

Also, many cities now have Food Recycling directories. An excellent
example entitled "Food for Thought" from the City of Los Angeles can be
obtained from 213-473-8228 or <SRCRD@no.address>.

Gary Liss

At 08:13 AM 4/7/2004, Susan Bush wrote:

>I am interested in learning about programs that help coordinate the
>of perishable food (e.g., overabundance of prepared food from restaurants,
>social events, etc.) for use at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and
>anywhere else. Does anyone know of such an organized program? I will be
>interested in learning about how they operate, and how transportation is
>arranged, so any program and/or contact info would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance!
>Susan Bush

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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