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[greenyes] "Throwaway Living" pic 1955

Dear All,

I am looking for a classic photo from a 1955 Life magazine article titled
"Throwaway Living". The photo is by Peter Stackpole, one of the most famous
early photographers with Life. It shows 3 kids from your "average American
family" tossing various throwaways (disposables of the 50's) into the air, including
throwaway draperies, paper plates/trays, aluminum pie pans, the first
disposable diapers, & a bevy of other items. The photo/article is a landmark of the
beginning of the throwaway mentality, with planned obsolescence, it's OK to
use once & pitch, etc, all built in.

I've done an internet search & so far been unable to locate a way to obtain
the article/photo. This is for a volunteer Earth Day public education slide
show, and all appropriate credits will be given to Life Mag & Peter Stackpole.
It is possible to make a modest payment to obtain the photo, if necessary.

If anyone out there in GreenYes-land has the magazine (sorry, I don't have
the precise date--only that it's a 1955 issue) and a way to transmit to me a
good copy or reproduction of the photo, I'd be much obliged. I will also be glad
to take whatever steps are necessary to respect the copyright.

Kindly contact me as shown below if you know of, or have, this photo, or if
you know a way to track it down.

Many thanks,
Gretchen Brewer
Earth Circle
PO Box 81985
San Diego, CA 92138-1985
ph 619-282-5132
fax 619-282-5136 (by appt)
email: earthgb@no.address

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