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[greenyes] Minneapolis processing contract

For those of you tracking the RFP for the contract in Minneapolis to
process recycling, this is the letter Eureka Recycling issued to the
community last week following the council decision. The debate was
lengthy--nearly 3 hours, and followed several months of discussion in
two separate council committees. There is more information about the
process on our website at Feel free to contact
us and thanks for your support.

April 6, 2004

Dear Minneapolis Recyclers:

The Minneapolis City Council voted last Friday to negotiate with BFI for
the Minneapolis contract to process the recycling that is picked up by
the hauling consortium, MRI, and city collectors in your neighborhood.
Although we are disappointed that Eureka Recycling was not selected, we
are writing today to call your attention to the benefits that this
process did bring about.

Most importantly, we are awed by the community support for our
organization and your knowledge and commitment to recycling. And, we are
impressed and energized by the amount of awareness this process raised
concerning the economic, social and environmental benefits of recycling.
There should be no doubt that Minneapolis recyclers care deeply about
their program and wish to see the city make decisions that reflect their
values. The sting of the final vote was lessened by the heartfelt
comments of several council members regarding our organization. We
extend sincere gratitude to Council Members Paul Zerby, Gary Schiff,
Paul Ostrow, Dean Zimmermann, Dan Niziolek and all of you for being
champions for sustainable recycling through your support of our

Eureka Recycling is proud to have introduced competition into the
marketplace, inspiring both BFI and WMI to offer better proposals than
they originally put forward to Minneapolis. This competition has put the
City of Minneapolis in an excellent position to negotiate for more money
from the sale of materials than ever before. In acknowledgement of this
success, Council President Paul Ostrow and other council members have
stated their commitment to ensure that competition be fostered in the
future by limiting this contract to three years without extension.

Additionally, the extensive discussion of this contract has focused
attention on key factors that make any initiative sustainable, including
fair pay and benefits to a diverse workforce from a "locally-owned"
company that invests in the community. Some decision makers felt these
qualities made Eureka Recycling more risky than our competitors, but we
believe that this risk is the only risk worth taking: one that attempts
to add something of value to that community and aims to enhance that
which is worthwhile.

Although this process has come to a close, Eureka Recycling's role in
Minneapolis' recycling program has not. For nearly two decades our
organization has advocated for recycling and demonstrated the best
practices for making programs cost-effective and environmentally sound.
Our collection and processing services are provided in the city of Saint
Paul, but our concern for effective recycling has never stopped at that
border. Now, with our recycling facility in Minneapolis, we are even
more committed to efficient collections and processing in our new home
town. We are dedicated to ensuring sustainable recycling for you and the
thousands of Minneapolis residents who followed this issue and voiced
their opinion.

We look forward to working with you in the future. Hope to see you at
the Living Green Expo, May 1 and 2!

Resourcefully yours,
Eureka Recycling

Posted by Dianna Kennedy
Director of Communications
Eureka Recycling
2828 Kennedy Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

(651) 222-7678
New FAX: (612) 623-3277

Waste is preventable, not inevitable. To learn more visit

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