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(Philadelphia, PA) - is a new website that matches people who have excess household goods with people who are in need of those items. The site, which is being launched this month in honor of Earth Day, prevents excess waste and environmental destruction, encourages reuse of functional goods that are no longer wanted, and provides an opportunity for needy people to obtain everyday household items. is an interactive database where people can exchange goods such as furniture, appliances, tableware, and clothing. People who have items that they no longer use or need can list them on the site. Other people who are in need of specific items can search for them on the site or browse through all of the listings. The two parties then arrange for pickup or delivery. There is no cost to users of the website.

This website is just one component of Philly Reuses. Philly Reuses is a new nonprofit organization that encourages public involvement in reuse and educates the public about the 3 R's: reduce, reuse, recycle in order to divert functional goods from the waste stream and to aid indigent people. Founded by Yvonne Dawson in 2003, Philly Reuses is working toward opening a reuse facility where people can drop off their unwanted household items. Philly Reuses also hopes to obtain a truck to pick up items and make deliveries to people who are not able to do this themselves.

Yvonne Dawson will represent Philly Reuses at the Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 17th on West River Drive across from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. At the event, she will talk to people about the importance of reuse, its impact on the environment, and how they can make a difference by using

Philly Reuses is one of hundreds of materials exchange organizations located throughout the country. All serve a common purpose: to reduce waste and encourage reuse. The website is powered by i-WasteNot Systems, which also facilitates materials exchange websites for Washington State, Madison, Wisconsin, and Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.

For more information about Philly Reuses, contact Yvonne Dawson at phillyreuses@no.address or (215) 465-4171.

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