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[greenyes] Bogus 'Management' emails

Dear GreenYes,

Please forgive my being off topic, but this may affect
greenyes members... Thank you for your patience.

GRRN's mail servers are fine. GRRN's web is also fine.
We are not planning on taking them down for 'two hours,'
despite what you may have received saying otherwise.

You may notice emails coming to you suggesting
that GRRN's email server will be 'down for two hours'
or that an email was not sent and you should 'click on the
link to retrieve it.' all coming from something
official sounding like 'management' or 'administration.'

These emails are worm attempts from someone else's
rogue spam server. This rogue mail server and others like it
masquerade as reputable email servers.
In a bogus email, ostensibly from GRRN, you may
see what look like links to GRRN, but are actually links
to a worm, stored in your attachments during email download.
If you don't have antivirus protection, this could
really mess up your computer. Deployed worms can
make your computer into a zombie that spams others
with similar worm attempts without your even knowing it.

If you aren't expecting something from us, it looks
suspicious, doesn't have a recognizeable grrn email address,
and has an attachment, it's probably best to dump it before you
even open it. If it comes from 'greenyes-help' or 'greenyes-[whatever]',
it's probably legitimate if content is appropriate to the list.
If it comes from 'admin' or 'manager' it's bogus.
If it comes from 'info' and has an attachment, please be careful.

If you have your own website or register your own domains,
you may find similar attempts coming ostensibly
from your own websites. As a manager of a number of
websites and their associated mail servers, I get a lot of these.

Worm- and virus-laden emails are getting more clever in their
efforts to entice the receiver to deploy them, so please
be very careful as the web evolves.

Best regards,


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