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[greenyes] FW: Workshop Announcement

Thought folks might be interested.....

>>> "Wiedel, Victoria J." <VWiedel@no.address> 04/05/04 08:00AM >>>

After figuratively knocking on several doors I finally came to an
with the University of Illinois Extension to host Doug McKenzie-Mohr's
"Fostering Sustainable Behavior" workshop at the Lake County office in
mid-July. I have attached the workshop flyer (PDF) with all the
and I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass it along via your
network of contacts (the workshops cannot take place unless the
participant number is reached).

The full-day workshop introduces the concept of community-based social
marketing and provides participants with the knowledge they need to
effective programs. The workshop will explore how to:
1) identify the barriers to a desired behavior, such as proper disposal
hazardous waste or reducing lawn watering;
2) use behavior change "tools" to design more effective programs;
3) pilot test a program; and
4) evaluate the impact of a program once it has been broadly

Case studies are used to make social marketing concepts concrete, and
frequent opportunities for discussion are provided. Participants will
confident using community-based social marketing techniques within
their own
agencies and areas after attending the workshop. Please see for more

Professionals who will benefit from this workshop include:
- public administrators
- public information officers
- environmental educators who work in settings such as zoos,
nature centers and park districts, and
- public health professionals who work to foster sustainable lifestyle

At this point, the July workshops are Doug's only scheduled appearance
Illinois. I did try to find an organization that could sponsor a more
centrally located workshop, but Grayslake was the best I could do. If
are any groups who would like me to make arrangements for a block of
rooms, just let me know.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your support!

Victoria Wiedel
SWALCO Public Information Coordinator
847-336-9340 x 4


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