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RE: [greenyes] Recycling containers?

I have a brochure for a company called Windsor Barrel Works, Kempton, PA which uses recycled materials to make their recycling containers. They also say you can take artwork students create, digitally reproduce it and apply it to the surface of their 15, 20 or 30 gallon receptacles. I don't have any prices but their toll free no. is 800-527-7848 or you could e-mail them at: info@no.address

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Subject: Re: [greenyes] Recycling containers?

"> I'm developing a ZW inspired maximum diversion strategy for our
public school
> system and need hard cost recycling containers. Can anyone suggest a
link or
> two to preferred recycling container sales providers that do business
in the
> South east and make their containers out of recycled materials."

Try SCL/A-1 Plastics in Brompton Ontario. We've purchased 3,000 18
gallon plastic recycling bins from them for use in the school classrooms
here in Forsyth County, NC. THe bins are 50% post-consumer plastic and
cost us US $4.27 each including graphics. Contact info:

Cinty Viteri
SCL/A-1 Plastics
241 Clarence ST.
Brampton, Ontario CA L6W 4P2
Phone (800) 777-0979
Fax (905) 451-9977
email sclp@no.address


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