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[greenyes] Re: 2-Stream Recycling?: Recycled Paper & Commingled Containers

MessageYes to Harvey's question below.

Eureka Recycling conducted a controlled test in St. Paul of a single stream large cart vs. two stream wheeled carts, and they found that the observed effect in increased participation was due to the cart, not single stream simplicity.

None of the claims I've seen to the contrary claiming that single stream, apart from carts, is responsible for higher participation rates have been in controlled tests which is needed to separate the simplicity hypothesis from the cart hypothesis.

You can read the study yourself to draw your own conclusions on Eureka's web page.

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Please reply to this listserve, and directly to Harvey at HGershman@no.address if you know of examples like Montgomery County, MD. I think this would be of interest to all of us.

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Has anyone seen a residential system where residents are given a 60 gallon cart for mixed paper and continue to use the 18 gallon bin for commingle containers? They are starting to use this approach in Montgomery County, MD and getting great diversion increases from going away from just the 18 gallon bin.



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