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RE: [greenyes] promoting good environmental practice on a shoestr ing budget

How about home composting doctors project?
You use existing keen composters who in return for training up networking
events - maybe computer eqpt to network with - they can do so many hours of
volunteer work advising one to one on composting, staffing compost displays
at garden centres and so on - of course it's even better to get paid but its
a start - you can have a paid co-ordinator who can help to 'match fund' some
money from other sources - since the compostable fraction in the UK is about
30 35 % of waste and paper and card is another third - and you can compost
paper and card that is not flat and clean etc and home composting is waste
minimisation - it hits lots of good points!!

Nicky Scott
Chair Community Composting Network UK

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> From: Deborah Rubin Fields [SMTP:write_debbie@no.address]
> Sent: 18 March 2004 07:23
> To: greenyes@no.address
> Subject: [greenyes] promoting good environmental practice on a
> shoestring budget
> March 18, 2004
> Dear Friends-
> I am asking you to indulge me in answering the following question:
> If you were offered a very tiny municipal grant, what community
> environmental project(s) would you put into practice that would be of the
> greatest short term and long term value?
> Background to question:
> My financially strapped city is offering neighborhood councils a very
> small
> amount of money to initiate an unspecified community project. As a
> neighborhood volunteer, I personally do not want to see the money spent on
> just painting park benches (something that our taxes should cover anyway).
> In our community, we have limited recycling. That is to say, we have PET
> 1
> 1/2 liter plastic bottle recycling and paper recycling only. Soon we will
> be starting an experimental neighborhood composting project (from another
> municipal grant). In addition, by federal law, people can redeem
> (redemption labelled) cans, glass and 1/2 liter PET bottles at the
> groceries.
> Without nearby recycling centers, the city picks up the vast majority of
> household waste and hauls it to a municipal landfill.
> Given that background, what practical project would you propose?
> Regretfully, I have to come up with suggestions by Tuesday, March 23rd.
> I thank all of you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from
> you.
> Debbie Rubin Fields
> write_debbie@no.address
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