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[greenyes] Two New Studies Now Available

Two new studies of possible interest to GRRN folks are now available at our

1. Single-Family Residential Solid Waste Collection Practices in King
County: Collection Program Characteristics and Best Practices for Waste
Minimization and Diversion Maximization.
2. Comparison of Environmental Burdens: Recycling, Disposal with Energy
Recovery from Landfill Gases, and Disposal via Hypothetical Waste-to-Energy
Incineration - San Luis Obispo County 2002.

They are available in the Subscribers Area which you can access by following
instructions on our site. There is no charge for accessing the Subscribers
Area and/or for downloading these or any other studies/reports or recycling
market price graphs provided on our site.

Jeffrey Morris, PhD - Economics

Sound Resource Management - Seattle

3436B 34th Avenue West

Seattle, WA 98199


360-319-2391 mobile


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