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RE: [greenyes] Any legitimate styrofoam recycling programsstill out there?

Thanks for raising these points. My preference is to avoid polystyrene foam
in the first place and to use alternatives (unbleached paper) which are most
often easier to recycle anyway.

All other concerns aside, I admit that I have a major thing against foam
containers and plastic bags - cause I get tired of seeing them all over the
streets and sidewalks.

I am also noticing that more and more products - such as electronics - which
were once packaged in foam are now packaged using molded
paper/paperboard...Which again, is probably easier to recycle in most
communities. I know if I get a shipment in the mail I'd much rather recycle
shredded or crumpled paper than have to deal with a bunch of foam peanuts -
which end up all over your living room after you take something out of the

Otherwise, I applaud these folks for their efforts.

Steve Weisser

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out there?


Just curious...has Publix, the "central collection agency" or anyone
associated with the program done a life cycle analysis to determine the net
environmental benefit of shipping this light weight payload 1800 miles
across the continent?

Is the claim from the Minn facility that the PROCESS is non-toxic, or that
there are no releases of toxic styrene from the recovered product? If so,
this is puzzling, given the ample evidence of styrene migration from foam
cups into the beverages which they contain.

FOI, what is the name of the Minnesota facility??

Pete Pasterz, Manager
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>>> Bette Danse <bettdanse@no.address> 03/14/04 09:34PM >>>
The Publix grocery store chain here in Florida has a styrofoam bin in the
front of their stores. The styrofoam containers go to a central collection
agency that ships it to Minnesota where the styrofoam is melted down in a
nontoxic fashion to form recycled peanuts for packaging.

Justin Stockdale <jstockdale@no.address> wrote:
Indeed there are. A firm recently opened a plant in Albuquerque, NM which
blends Styrofoam and concrete to create a life size Lego block for
construction. I do not know what limitations they have regarding food
contamination, but surely there is an issue.
The company is Rastra Inc.
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From: "Blair Pollock"
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Subject: [greenyes] Any legitimate styrofoam recycling programs still out

Once upon a time, there were some styrofoam recycling programs. Are there
any more?

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