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[greenyes] Urgent,Pro MSW to Energy legislation.

HI! Sorry for CP.

In Florida, the State with the most incinerators, the State Legislature is
considering two bills that identify municipal solid waste incineration as a
renewable resource. Along with solar, wind and conservation. The bills also
require public utilities to purchase the energy generated from the incinerators as
well as fund the energy producing part of the garbage to energy projects (HB
line 247-289-). All this is explained in the house bill (linked) as being in the
best interest of the health, prosperity and general welfare of the public.
Other parts of the bill exempt burners of 75 megawatts or less from some permit

House Bill 1521, 42 pages.

The Senate Bill 1492, 10 pages.

On Tuesday, March 16 the Senate bill goes in front of the Natural Resources

If you are a Zero Waste, anti MSW incinerator advocate and have time to
address this situation please respond to this e-mail and I will share what I plan
to do to represent the no MSW incineration position.

Bob Krasowski
The Zero Waste Collier County Group
Naples, Florida.

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