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[greenyes] Re: Changing World Technologies

This is so eloquent! Thank you for showing me how to package vitriol in velvet.

What is happening to all of us is fair to none. Even the investors who wait patiently at the station for their gravy trains are simply deluded souls leading empty lives.

My outrage is outrageous and I struggle every day to deliver my message without making people scramble for shelter. How nice to hear you say it strongly and with compassion.

Camille Armantrout
This is the premise that underlies all combustion-based waste "cures". The
future is going to be a very scarey place until we challenge this premise.
Incineration/depolymerization/gasification/WTE/ etc etc are the deckchairs
we're letting our EPAs and MRF operators and Recycling Coordinators shuffle
while the waves are lapping higher and higher.

Even the Pentagon gets it.


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