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[greenyes] RE: Waste-to-Energy

This site covers some of the ills of incineration.

As a note, the waste-to-energy sites in the UK seem
to be failing in there breif to supply energy to the grid
and / or local homes.

They are also built using Private Finance Initiative [PFI]
cash, which generally cost the tax-payer more than
state funding would have.

As a part of Europe, the UK is definately not moving
away from this technology, and is trying in fact to
move away from the also toxic alternative of landfill.

Most local initiatives to use alternatives other than
either landfill or incineration have been non-competative
as not run by communities or as businesses. They are
also underfunded as the PFI / government cash is
paid out to big business not small start-ups.


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