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Re: [greenyes] Environmental Committees
Dear list,

I am looking for some guidelines that can be used to "size" garbage/recycling enclosures.

The guidelines would basically be a matrix of expected volumes of trash and recycling, recycling to include mixed paper and bottles and cans from a variety of different kinds of businesses.

The businesses would for instance include:

Large Retail Grocery (by square foot of retail space)
Large Retail Consumer Goods (by square foot of retail space)
Restaurants (by max seating)
Office Buildings (by occupied square feet)
Schools (by number of students)
Multifamily (by number of units)

This would be a tool for cities to use as a guideline for requiring proper sized enclosures for garbage and recycling needs.

I will look at the CIWMB site for info, but I thought that additional info for comparison would be interesting and helpful.

Thank you all in advance,

Kim Springer
Commercial Recycling Coordinator
BFI - Recyclery
333 Shoreway Rd.
San Carlos,  CA  94070
650-596-6467  office phone
650-670-0688  cell phone
email:  kim.springer@no.address

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