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[greenyes] Environmental Committees
Hanover, NH (~10,000 pop.) has a Conservation Commission (created by state
statute to oversee land use) and has had a Recycling Committee since the '90s. 
The latter advises the Select Board on our curbside recycling program and other
recycling initiatives, and provides volunteers for events such as metal
collection days.  We've recently become aware of a need to address other
issues:  waste reduction, energy use, transportation, town procurement
policies.  We are exploring expanding the charge to the Recycling Committee or
creating a separate committee to attend to other environmental matters.

We are looking for models of town committees with broad environmental policy
and program purview.  We are looking for advice as we explore our options.  If
there is a more appropriate list to which this request should be sent, we would
like to learn about it.

Larry H. Litten
Chair, Hanover Recycling Committee

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