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Re: [greenyes] Energy Bill - Update
Dear GreenYes Colleagues,

       Doug Koplow's e-mail is timely.  Letter opposing the energy bill are 
still needed to all U.S.  Recycling advocates, businesses and public officials 
expressing opposition will likely bring a fresh perspective by providing 
additional reasons to oppose the conference report.

       However, opponents of the bill in the Senate still appear to have the 
votes to continue the filibuster. In recent conversations with Senator Jay 
Rockefeller (D-WV) and Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), both said there has been 
no sign that the Republican Leadership changed any votes over the holidays.  
Rockefeller said firmly that the bill is dead.

       President Bush only mentioned energy in passing during the "State of 
the Union" address last night, in sharp contrast to previous years.  Most 
senators, Washington pundits and media believe that the window to move the energy 
bill will close in the next 6-8 weeks.

       Leading environmental lobbyists for Sierra Club, Natural Resources 
Defense Council, the League of Conservation Voters and USPIRG who briefed media 
last week about this session of the Congress said the sponsors of the energy 
bill don't appear to have the necessary votes to close off debate in the U.S. 

       FYI: Sierra Club and USPIRG have released an update analysis of the 
bill, uncovering additional concerns.

Lance King
Community Solutions

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