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RE: [greenyes] CD/DVD recycling
GreenDisk is one of the larger service providers for
recycling CDs and other storage media. They have expanded as well to
collect other small tech items such as cell phones, printer cartridges,

I do not know what process the company uses to recycle the Lexan and
other polycarbonates from which CDs and DVDs are made.

David Wood
Madison, WI
608-255-4800, ext. 100

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Is there a program in place to recycle CDs/DVDs?  A client of ours
inquired about this and we had no idea.  I would imagine that this could
be done, but I could be wrong.

Concerning paper recycling, I am wondering if facial tissues are the
last generation form (smallest fiber).  If you've ever grabbed for a
tissue in a hurry, you can sometimes see a dust eminate from it.  

And you have to wonder - is that dust made to promote more sneezing?
Hee hee.

John Ralston
SLM Waste and Recycling Services

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