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[greenyes] Register Now for CERES Conference 4/14-15/04, Boston
Apologies for Cross-Postings

Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 16:01:47 -0500
From: CERES <newsletter@no.address>

Growth. Energy. Innovation. Investment. Climate Change.
The choices we make today will have enduring consequences for our nation and planet until the end of this century. The growing risks associated with global warming, air pollution, water scarcity, and species loss will affect American competitiveness, prosperity, and health.

To overcome the challenges of the 21st century requires the creativity and leadership of us all. We need new ideas, new tools, and new allies.

Over the past fifteen years, CERES has exercised its unique convening power to engage corporate executives, environmental activists, and institutional investors on many tough challenges. In the eighties, CERES pioneered the idea of corporate environmental codes. In the nineties, CERES transformed sustainability reporting on a global scale.

In 2003, CERES brought unprecedented investor power to bear on the issue of the long term risks of global warming to corporations and financial markets. We found new partners on Wall Street, in investment houses, and on corporate boards who understand that good governance of companies and funds extends to protection of the resources that sustain us.

This year, we'll turn the heat up even higher at the CERES 2004 Annual Conference with a dynamic gathering of corporate executives, institutional investors, environmental activists, and experts who together will address the tough questions facing us in the 21st century.

We will seek focused discussion, real debate, strategies, plans, and answers - because we don't have all the time in the world.

The power of CERES has always come from the broad range and deep talent of the people we engage. We hope you'll join us in Boston on April 14-15.

April 14: CERES Program Meetings and 15th Anniversary Dinner
CERES coalition, endorsing companies and program partners will be invited to participate in intensive program meetings focusing on current CERES programs, such as Reporting & Engagement Best Practices, Electric Power Dialogue, Investor Network on Climate Risk, Coalition strategy, and sessions on the Green Hotel Initiative and green conventions.

On the evening of April 14th the 2004 conference officially kicks off with the CERES 15th Anniversary Dinner, featuring a dynamic keynote address by Jeremy Rifkin, author of such bestsellers as The End of Work, The Biotech Century, The Age of Access, and The Hydrogen Economy. All are welcome and your registration for any portion of the two-day event includes the gala dinner.

April 15: CERES 2004 Conference
Open to all, day two will offer plenary sessions and workshops on a host of issues such as investors' influence on corporate governance and sustainability, the impact of climate change on specific industry sectors, and environment and the 2004 election. We will also announce the 2nd annual CERES-ACCA North American Sustainability Reporting Awards, which showcases the best in sustainability reporting from U.S. and Canadian companies.

Registration for the full event is now open!
Register now to take advantage of our early registration rates, substantially discounted from the regular rates. These rates are in effect only until February 13th, so take advantage now!

Registration Packages
In keeping with our new program, we are offering two registration options: one-day only or the full two-day event. If you choose the one-day option you will automatically be registered for our special 15th Anniversary Dinner.

Visit the CERES website (<> to:
   * Register for the conference (on-line or download a registration form)
   * Read ongoing updates about the program
   * Find out about discounts on travel and lodging
   * Read more about special one-day and group registration rates
   * Learn how to green your travel and help us green the conference

If you have questions about the conference please contact Tanja Carroll, <mailto:carroll@no.address>carroll@no.address Questions about registration may be addressed to Lisa Jacobs, <mailto:jacobs@no.address>jacobs@no.address

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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