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RE: [greenyes] Clean Fuel Garbage Trucks
Hi Resa:

Eureka Recycling is using Biodiesel (B-20 - 20% blend of soy diesel) to
fuel our fleet of 15 recycling trucks in Saint Paul MN. We provide
recycling collection and processing services for the city. We've been
very happy with the performance. 

We are looking into using the ultra low sulfur diesel in the blend as
well, however, the availability is currently limited in this area of the

You can read more about our fleet and the environmental benefits at:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Alex Danovitch
Business Manager 

Eureka Recycling  
624 Selby Avenue 
Saint Paul, MN  55104
Phone: 651-222-7678 x120
alexd@no.address      //

Eureka Recycling's mission is to reduce waste today through innovative
resource management and to reach a waste-free tomorrow by demonstrating
that waste is preventable not inevitable.

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Subject: [greenyes] Clean Fuel Garbage Trucks

Hi All -

I am looking for examples of cities or companies that have transitioned
the use of clean fuels - ultra low sulfur diesel, CNG, BioDiesel, etc -
their garbage or recycling fleets. I know of San Francisco's CNG efforts
Berkeley's use of BioDiesel, but other examples would be helpful.
Thanks -

Resa Dimino

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