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[greenyes] Equal Space Ordinances
Hello everyone. Three cities in Boulder County have now passed "equal
space ordinances" which puts language in the municipal planning code
that requires new commercial and MFU developments to create as much
space for recycling bins as they do for trash bins (Yea!). Two of the
cities included "significant remodels" among the projects that are
covered by the ordinance. The City of Boulder wants more information
before they include remodels. Most of the development in Boulder will be
remodels so we are eager to include them in the ordinance.
What I'd like to know from any of you that have such ordinances in your
local code:
1.	How does your code define "significant remodel"? By square
footage? By value of the remodel in relation to the whole?
2.	How has your city handled conflicting code requirements, for
example, when a remodel would require the addition of space for
recycling bins but also requires the number of parking spaces remain the
same or the landscaping element must remain, ie, there's no room?
Linda Smith
Community Outreach Department Manager

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