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[greenyes] looking for listing of suppliers


The Northeast Recycling Council, Inc. (NERC) is revising their Recycling Industry Resource List (  This publication is a comprehensive compendium of resources available to recycling business (or recycling entrepreneurs) about recycling markets.  The List helps to answers who is supplying and receiving certain materials.  Major revisions will include the addition of Material Exchanges, and a listing of databases for recyclers, collectors, processors, brokers, end users and suppliers of recyclable materials.  (Thus, we are not listing out vendors ? just online searchable databases or web listings to find vendors). 


I need assistance in finding more online searchable databases or listings of suppliers.  Suppliers meaning manufacturers using recyclable materials in their end-products.  A great example is plastic cullets, where the business is "supplying" a raw recycled material.  Or large manufacturers of recycled paper (like


If you use or know of an online searchable databases or listings of suppliers of recyclable materials ? please pass it on to either email address jessicaraj@no.address or Jessica_nerc@no.address  Thank you for your assistance!



Jessica Wozniak 
Northeast Recycling Council 
139 Main Street, Suite 401 
Brattleboro, VT 05301 
Tel: (802) 254-3636 
Fax: (802) 254-5870 


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