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[greenyes] RE:FW: Plastics concerns in El Salvador
Too Bad we can not get any pictures of the situation
and El Salvador. The first solution is do not use the
stuff in the first place. Second, Is there any way to
buy more bulk or make the products in the village?
There has to be a way to stop 'importing' the plastics
at all cost.

Any ideas or suggestions for Kelly?


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-----Original Message-----
From: Kelly Malahy [mailto:kellymalahy@no.address] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 4:05 PM
To: David Wood
Subject: GRRN - David Wood - Executive Director

Dear Mr. David Wood,

My name is Kelly Malahy.  I am a Peace Corps volunteer
in El Salvador.
My village is currently working what to do with their
garabage.  We do
not have garabage collection of any kind.  So, we are
composting all
green materials, making recycled paper out of old
paper, and burying 
plastics.  But, due to lack of space, burying garabage
will not be a
sustainable option for these people.  They asked me if
they could burn
the plastic.  We all know how bad that is, so we are
looking for other
options.  I am not exactly sure if you deal with these
kind of
situations, but any suggestions or information would
be greatly
appreciated.  My village has about 5,000 people and is
located in the
mountains.  Most of our plastic garbage is food
wrappers, chip bags, 
plastic baggies. Thank you for you time! 

Sincerely, Kelly Malahy



PVC: Kelly Malahy

Apartado Postal 1947

Correo Nacional

Centro de Gobierno

San Salvador, El Salvador   

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