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Re: [greenyes] RE: plastic bags in El Salvador
hello Debbie Rubin Fields

i read your mail with interest and also checked the the website with great 
interest. I am worried about many issues. what about the health aspects of 
sleeping in a bed that could may not tested and approved for the same. the 
bags have several molecules and they have different properties we do not 
have adequate toxic data on the same .

the idea of washing and trying also externalise the costs and the maker an 
d    users transfer the burden to public and others. who will pay for the 
water and washing. in the developing world these are serious issues.

the website also talks about the same being ideal option for homeless 
people with a mattress

i agree it is better that sending the waste to Asia. but does this address any 
of the core issue of unwanted use of bags in the first place  along with 
mis use and abuse. there could be ways to get out of these trap . we need 
to really think about each material we use and the life cycle of the same and 
the health and toxic data etc.

the humanity needs to be more worried about being depended more on 
fossil fuel.

i am just sharing these thoughts with you

good day to all

On 21 Dec 2003 at 10:20, Deborah Rubin Fields wrote:

Date sent:      	Sun, 21 Dec 2003 10:20:04 +0200
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Subject:        	[greenyes] RE: plastic bags in El Salvador
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> Dear Friends:
> I inadvertently deleted last week's question about plastic bags in El
> Salvador.  I have read about a way to re-use plastic bags that is both
> ecology and community oriented.  I think it makes a great holiday
> project too:  Please share this link with the members:
> All the best, Debbie Rubin Fields
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