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Re: [greenyes] Your next advice very needed!
My thoughts:
I think you must take into consideration what markets are available for Recyclables in your area.  For example, if you had a paper mill nearby that was willing to turn paper and cardboard into toilet paper, you should begin by collecting these two things.  Please keep in mind, in the above example, that there must be buyers for that end product.  Start with the materials you can process and re-sell and go on from there.
Camille Armantrout
Maui, Hawaii, USA

Igor Babanin <babanin@no.address> wrote:
Dear frends!

Thanks to everybody, who gave an answers on my previous message!

Here in Russia we under debates, what scheeme of separate waste collection
is better when we only start with:
the one-stream dry recyclables collection (separatly from other waste and
collected in one bin) - which can be than separated at MRF,
or separate "dry recyclables" into 3-4 streams (and 3-4 different bins), for
example: metall-plastic-paper-glass.

1)The one-stream is suppose to be more cheap and even might be profitable
and more easy to use for people leaving in appartments or manyfloors
2) The more than one stream (3-4 differen bins) scheeme- more understandable
for people but hard for them (our flats basically doesn't allow to have 3-4
waste bins)

Could you be so kind to advice me, based on your experience, what is the
best system on very beggining stage: the first or the second one?

Thanks a lot!

Igor Babanin
Greenpeace Russia
St.Petersburg dep.
(812) 3521022
(812) 3529219

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