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[greenyes] Recycling in Seattle
RE: Kathy Mulady's article:

I am sent the following letter to the editor of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

To the editor:

Kathy Mulady burst my bubble when she wrote about how Seattle residents are getting increasingly sloppy in recycling aluminum, glass, and garbage, forcing the City Council to react by putting on a mandatory recycling ordinance. I have called Seattle "Worm Central USA" for years because they did a survey back in the early '90's saying that there were over 4000 worm bins. At an average of 5 lbs garbage (food waste) per week, the worms of Seattle were chowing down on 20,000 lbs or 10 tens of garbage per week.

When I first started worm composting in 1972 and learned that 2 pounds of worms could process a pound of garbage a day, I envisioned tons of worms eating tons of garbage; the picture in my head was big masses of worms and huge piles of garbage. I didn't have the wherewithal to do the necessary scaling up, so I did what I could, I wrote a little how-to book on using worms to turn food discards into rich humus for gardens and house plants. Through Seattle Tilth and other outlets, thousands of Seattlites put the information to use and the worms to work. With the 4000-worm-bin report, I realized that my vision was becoming reality--tons of worms were eating tons of garbage--but it was happening one household at a time, a pound of worms at a time. The beauty of this was that people were taking responsibility for their own wastes, and not relying on centralized systems for collection, transport, and processing.

I certainly hope that the worm bins are still going, the gardens enriched by their castings are still growing, and the people who have worm bins won't need a law to make them recycle. They'll do it because it's the right thing to do.

Mary Appelhof, author Worms Eat My Garbage 8117 East "O" Avenue Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Seattle approves mandatory recycling for residents/businesses- starting 2005

Story from the 12/16/03 Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

We'll all recycle or else, City Council decides
By 2005, we have to sort our rubbish from the reusables


Seattle, you're slacking off.
Mary Appelhof, Author of "Worms Eat My Garbage"
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"Changing the way the world thinks about garbage"

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