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Re: [greenyes] Non-profit Board in-kind policy Q

The National Recycling Coalition has a policy regarding "Board Travel Assistance" that addresses your question. I'll fax you the 2 pages from their 1999 Board Handbook. The policy may have changed since then, but you could use it as a precedent.


At 10:10 AM 12/17/2003 -0800, Andy Telfer wrote:

Our non-profit Board of Directors are unpaid and volunteer their time in varying amounts, from 2hrs/month to 20 hrs/month. We have invoiced Board members for event passes case-by-case, based on 1) ability to pay, and 2) amount of volunteer time given.

Our Board wants to develop policy around Board member volunteer time. Does anyone know of other examples of this kind of policy?

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Gary Liss
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