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[greenyes] deconstruction opportunity Benicia, CA

I just heard about all this last night and am doing what I can to help
the materials not go to the landfill.

The Anderson Hotel in Benicia, CA (also called the "Pink Hotel"  is a
16 unit hotel built in 1890, damaged by fire and restored in the 1920s.
It is on the hotel is on the City's list of historic buildings but it
wasn't enough to save it from developers.

The Friends of Old Town and the local Historical Society tried in vein
to have it saved. The Historical Society has permission to view and ask
to have items saved for the museum.  This will happen this Sat. At this
point it is scheduled to be demolished on Jan. 12, 2004.

The developer is Lexon Homes, Curt Blomstrand, 925-283-8470.

Myra Nissen

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