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RE: [greenyes] Stakeholder input to EPA

EPA just held a hearing on their Resource Conservation Challenge yesterday in San Francisco, which I attended. Details on the Challenge are below. EPA has said that they welcome more input on the goals and direction for the Challenge, and proposals to work together to meet those goals. Contacts: <rcc-challenge@no.address> (please copy doordan.kelly@no.address on Region 9 proposals).

The RCC website is on line at

Resource Conservation Challenge Goals and Clusters

The RCC has three broad goals that are linked directly to EPA's mission. The goals help define the scope of the program and guide selection of appropriate activities.
* Goal #1: Conserve energy by using better materials and design, and recover energy from things now viewed as waste.
* Goal #2: Increase materials and resource efficiency through source reduction, re-use, and recycling of hazardous and municipal solid wastes (Increase recycling rate to 35%), among other waste streams.
* Goal #3: Reduce target chemicals at all stages in the life cycle, including products, waste (municipal, industrial, and hazardous), and emissions. (There are currently 30 chemicals targeted for reduction listed at Others may be added as the targeting process continues).

The RCC proposed nine initial "Clusters" to increase coordination between offices and partners, highlight RCC successes in the near-term, and build momentum for additional partnerships:
* Electronics
* Tires
* Green Buildings
* Construction and Demolition Debris
* Targeted Chemicals
* Schools
* Paper
* Industrial Waste
* Hospitals
They recently added 2 more clusters:
* Industrial design and
* Organics
Written comments and partnership proposals on the RCC may be submitted to rcc-challenge@no.address Please copy doordan.kelly@no.address on Region 9 proposals.

The organizers of the Challenge would also welcome input on the following questions:
* What have you leaned about successful voluntary partnership programs (characteristics, barriers and their solutions, etc.)?
* How does your organization identify resource conservation priorities (waste characterization, life cycle assessments, etc.) or biggest bang-for-the-buck projects?
* What are likely barriers to scaling up voluntary partnership programs and how would you overcome them?
* How does the RCC line up with your program priorities or needs?
* What might EPA do to further encourage voluntary partnerships to achieve
* How can the RCC help your organization achieve its environmental goals?
* How can your organization help the RCC?
At 09:32 AM 10/15/2003 -0500, you wrote:
Hi Ric ~

Can you send us out details on how we can provide input to this process via email or letter? There are some interesting European reports that put an economic cost on the externalites of handling solid waste, including some data on specific materials.


John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI

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> Sent: Friday, October 10, 2003 10:50 AM
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> Subject: [greenyes] Stakeholder input
> EPA Region 9 is having stakeholder hearings requesting input to EPA.
> Dear EPA:
> I suggest the following three things:
> All states hold off on all new landfill permits while EPA starts a
national data gathering investigation on the impacts of leachate on groundwater and gas emissions on air quality and determines scientifically whether sanitary landfill meets the criteria of the Resource Conservation ad Recovery Act.
> Gather current data and publish technology and monitoring standards for wet materials composting (food, yard debris, and food dirty paper). Follow Europe's lead and phase out the disposal of these specific organic materials in landfill.
> Implement training programs that will prepare the new millennium resource managers to handle the discards of today and in the future.
> Thanks for my chance,
> Richard V Anthony
> RicAnthony@no.address
> San Diego CA 92109

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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