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Re: [greenyes] 3-7 Plastic and Glass
Very true in an ideal world, John, but economics
is the driving force in this world...

There is concern here for the small guy, the local
recycling businesses that have to deal with Waste
Management's big bucks.  Our committee is being
responsive to their needs since they are trying to
make a living doing something good in our community.

We did decide to keep glass for both reasons, to
fullfill the 30% solid waste reduction law in Florida
and to keep as much of it as possible out of the


--- "Reindl, John" <Reindl@no.address> wrote:
> In the discussion of plastics and glass recycling,
> one writer noted (see
> below) that giving up glass would result in a large
> loss in the weight of
> material recycled.
> We have had a discussion on this issue on this list
> before; my personal
> philosophy is that weight alone is not a good
> rationale to recover a
> material -- instead, I believe that we should be
> looking more at what are
> the environmental benefits of what we reduce, reuse
> and recycle.
> John Reindl, Recycling Manager
> Dane County, WI
> > 
> >     The question of whether glass should be
> included is a  complicated
> one,
> > but, were it to be dropped after consideration of
> all those factors, there
> > will be a very substantial loss in recovery
> because glass  weighs so much.
> > Adding 3-7 plastics is NOT a credible strategy to
> make up for that serious
> > loss!
> > 
> >     About one-quarter of the total weight, and
> three quarters of the
> > container weight in a recycle truck is glass.  All
> no. 1 & 2  plastic
> bottles
> > are maybe 5%.  Adding nos. 3-7 MIGHT increase that
> to 5.2%.
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