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[greenyes] RMPFs vs MRFs
MRFs (Materials Recovery Facilites--pronounced
'merfs') are being replaced by RMPFs (Recovered
Materials Processing Facilities--pronounced 'rumps'). 
The Florida DEP call RMPFS "clean MRFs"
and favor them over the MRF.

RMPFs are the way to go now because they can do
singlestream processing of recyclables, separating
everything that is delivered commingled so no
separation has to be done beforehand, something
the average citizen as well as the collection driver
prefer--people can just throw wet and dry recylables
together, the drivers don't have to sort. 

Singlestreaming is the easiest, most convenient, least
expensive way to go, but unless you have someone in
your county solid waste department who knows how to
negotiate for a RMPF at no cost to the county, the way
budgets are these days, it won't be funded.  Do a
websearch on RMPFs versus MRFs, and you won't be
wanting a MRF. 

The consensus of everyone I've heard from is that
people are basically mindless slobs when it comes
to garbage vs. recyclables and that's why RMPFS commingling, they can throw everything
together and not think about which number plastic or
which item to separate from another.  Just throw it
all together and let the machine do it.

I've been told that even white paper comes out of
a RMPF in good shape--pretty amazing technology !


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