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RE: [greenyes] Tire Shredding
"Can anyone tell me if there has been any new Laws passed in the State of
Virginia or any other state on the disposal of passenger car tires. I was
informed that Virginia was passing a law to have them shredded and diverted
from land fills. I know that there was a tax credit for using them as
aggregate in septic tank leech beds in place of gravel.

Buford Hill

In the province of Québec, all of the used tires less than 48 inches cannot
be landfill. We have a levy of 3$ on each new tire that are sold and the
money is used to finance the programme of recycling. Over the last 8 years,
33 M tires from the annual flow are recycled or go to energy recovery (60%
are recycled and 40% go to energy recovery) For 2002, 75 % of the tires
discarded as been recycling and the rest went for energy recovery.  We have
a goal of zero waste in the program before 2008. 

For more info, you can view the program at :

Mario Laquerre
Secteur municipal

7171, rue Jean-Talon Est, bureau 200
Anjou (Québec) H1M 3N2

Tél.: 514.352.5002
Téléc.: 514.873.6542

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