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RE: [greenyes] Sharps in the wastestream
Wisconsin adopted infectious waste management rules in 1994.  Most of the
rules are in Chapter NR 526, Wisconsin Administrative Code.  The rules cover
infectious waste generators and handlers.  Individuals who generate waste at
home must follow safety requiremnts for sharps only.  The safety requirments
in NR526 are very similar to OSHA requirements and if any NR526 requirements
conflict with OSHA, OSHA prevails.  Home generators are to make sure they
properly package used sharps to reduce risk to people who will be handling
the sharps.  The collection of sharps by hospitals, pharmacies,
municipalities and others is promoted.  These "sharps collection stations"
are to provide their service at or below cost to customers. (I've seen the
red buckets on the countertop at my local pharmacies with no charge for drop
offs.)  The stations do not need a license to store this waste. For further
information, you can also check out this web site:

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Dear All,

There is a wealth of information on medical waste management, including 
sharps management from Health Care Without Harm. Please see, 
and send them an email if you need more specific information than you can 
find on their web site. They have hundreds of members in the medical and 
environmental health community in the US (and internationally) who can 
provide further information.

Ann Leonard

At 03:19 PM 7/16/2003 -0400, Tom Rhodes wrote:
>Good day colleagues,
>One of our fellow environmentalists has posed the following question and I
>thought I'd pass it on to you to see if you could share your wisdom with us
>all. Thanks for your help.
>Kindest regards,
>Tom Rhodes,
>She writes:
>What I am looking into are sharps (needles) in the wastestream. How
>prevent them from reaching the wastestream?
>What are the procedures for the public so they can dispose of them
>correctly. Do any counties offer drop off boxes? Who pays? How is it set
>Anything through the local Health Depts?
>Currently we ask that the sharps be places in a heavy plastic bottles, cap
>tightly on, and given to the collector so they will know what they have and
>will not end up loose in the wastestream. Trying to find more effective
>List your waste commodities on
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