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[greenyes] FW: Variable Rate Solid Waste Collection Methods
Good morning,

We received the e-mail below at our agency and I thought I'd pass it along
to you folks for assistance to Justin Rodriguez, also.  Thank you very much!

> Rebecca Brown
> rbrown@no.address
> Phone: 916-341-6680
> Fax: 916-319-7527
> CIWMB - Office of Local Assistance
> PO Box 4025 (1001 I St.)
> Sacramento, CA 95812-4025 

-----Original Message-----
From: Justin Rodriguez [mailto:JRodriguez@no.address]
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 7:10 AM
To: ccardozo@no.address
Subject: Variable Rate Solid Waste Collection Methods

My name is Justin Rodriguez, and I am working on putting together a
proposal for a variable rate collection system for the city of Flint,
Michigan.  I have done research and surveyed various communities about
their experiences with implementation of these types of programs. Two
areas that I would like to gain more information about are the
anticiapted costs for education and enforcement.
  According to other city managers, the city of Flint should be
prepared to spend about two to three dollars per household for
educational efforts.  Using this estimate, education costs for the city
would range from 80,000 to 120,000 dollars.
  In regards to enforcement, I realize it is dependent upon factors
such as the marginal fees that are charged to have an additional amount
of waste collected, recycling alternatives, and other things. The
program in the City of Flint would use property taxes to "pay for" the
1st bag or two, and would charge a dollar or two for each additional
bag.  There is a recycling program, but it is at collection points
throughout the city.  Keeping these factors in mind, I would like to
know your opinion on how much the city should be prepared to do in terms
of enforcement.  For example, how many inspection officers would it take
to enforce a change in policy from a flat rate to this hybrid policy. 
  Any information you could provide about either of these two issues
would be very helpful.

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