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[greenyes] landfill cardboard Re: [greenyes] Help!
Good luck ! Let me know how you make out if you
go forward with this venture.

We have a landfill here, too, that buries
residential cardboard--reason being, contamination.
This county collects 85% of the cardboard, which Waste
Management says is darn good, most of it of course
from businesses and government buildings.

Residential cardboard is not collected here on
recycling day.  They have found that people throw
everything except the kitchen sink in with recycables
anyway, so the contamination issue is huge.

Suggestion, rather than go through all the trouble of
banning cardboard from the landfill, start up
cardboard dropoffs for the moving companies.  I've 
been told by several of them here that if we put 
flattened, clean cardboard out in covered containers
in various dropoff locations, the moving companies
"would flock to them."

Another suggestion: Have recycling containers and
reuse areas close to the entrance of the landfill so
people can dropoff their recyclables before dumping


--- Michael & Susan Kramer <mkramer@no.address>
> Dear List,
> I would like to have some input from those of you
> who live in areas
> where recyclables are banned from the landfill.  I
> am preparing a
> document to present to my county commissioners to
> ban cardboard from the
> lanfill.  Also, if anything is banned, the reasons
> used to ban, such as
> space availability?
> This would really help.
> Thanks so much
> Susan Kramer
> mkramer@no.address
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