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[greenyes] Dr. PAUL H. CONNETT at CRRA State Conference Ontario CA July 20 -23.
Dr. Paul H.Connett will be at the CRRA State Conference Ontario, CA July 

The opening sesson entitled Searching for Zero Waste Monday, July 21,9:30 a. 
m, will feature Dr. Paul Connett who will be returning from Australia and 
Japan where he is working with communities for resource conservation and a toxic 
free environment.

Professor Connett teaches environmental chemistry at St. Lawrence University 
in Canton, New York.  He has received numerous awards and citations for his 
efforts as an environmental activist. A graduate of Cambridge University, 
Connett holds a Ph.D. from Dartmouth College. He joined the faculty at St. Lawrence 
in 1983.

Connett 's opposition to incineration as a method of managing solid waste, 
based on his chemical analysis of the byproducts of the process, has taken him 
to 49 states, five Canadian provinces and 44 other countries. During this time 
he has given over 1,700 public presentations, written many articles on dioxin 
and waste management and co-produced several videotapes on those topic

The Mercury, July 2, 2003
 Brighton waste row for forum
 THE key adversaries in Brighton's controversial $100 million
 Waste-to-Energy incinerator project will face off for the first time

 The public forum, To Burn or Not to Burn, will be held at the
 Bridgewater Community Centre from 7pm.

 It will bring together opponents of the project, including chemistry
 professor Paul Connett, who has flown from the United States.

 The forum will be convened by a long-term opponent of the project,
 international lobby group Greenpeace.

 "Wherever you put in an incinerator, it acts as an incentive to keep
 producing wasteful products and a disincentive for recycling and other
 waste-reduction schemes," he said.
Dr Connett will also speak on A Community Approach to Waste in The 21st 
Century tomorrow at the University of Tasmania's Stanley Burbury  Theatre, from 
6.30 to 8.30pm.


The Environmental Research Institute Tokyo and Greenpeace Japan will hold a 
Zero Waste Seminar on 12 July 2003 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo with Paul Connett as 
keynote speaker. The seminar will explore the possibility of a Zero Waste Policy 
in Japan by presenting leading examples from Canada, Australia and New 
Zealand. Also the seminar will present the findings of a research showing the degree 
of the dioxin contamination caused by waste incinerators around Tokyo.

Greenpeace Japan will have a tour of leading recycling communities, six of 
them, in Japan with Paul Connett for a week. The tour will start the Day of 
Global Action by visiting a mayor of Hino City, one of the leading communities 
doing recycling. The tour will identify communities that are willing to declare 
incineration-free community and go for Zero Waste.

Check out the CRRA Conference Website
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