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RE: [greenyes] scavenging
I was just speaking with a resident who was calling about scavenging, and 
she said "if the guy is so comfortable going through my recycling bin and 
taking what he wants, maybe he'll be just as comfortable taking something 
off my porch or going in my back yard."  Regardless of whether or not 
scavenging leads to other kinds of theft, the last thing I want is for 
residents to feel they are endangering themselves by setting out their 

Hi Sharon et al,

On such occasions, I suggest that the resident leave their CRV items in a separate bag on top. This is far from an ideal solution, but does at least eliminate the recyclables being scattered.

I heard recently that a few years ago, the DOC had a program to provide social services to these folks. Does anyone know more about this? I spend one day a week tagging for violations, and have seen quite an array of scavengers, including a man whose arms do not extend to his elbows, and a Mexican woman who blesses me when I do not challenge her.

Take care,


Rose Niemi
Recycling Coordinator
Sunset Waste Paper
1707 East Goshen Avenue
Visalia CA 93292

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