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[greenyes] Stop incineration incentives in US: call Graham today and July 14!
Below is an action alert to stop federal incentives for waste incineration.
Please call Senator Graham's presidential campaign office (305-328-5000)

But don't stop there! Please participate in is the Global Day of Action
Against Waste Incineration on Monday, July 14 by mobilizing people to call
Senator Graham's campaign office on July 14 to oppose waste incineration.
200 groups in 60 countries will be taking action against incineration on
this day.
Please let us know (email mwilson@no.address) if you called Graham's
office, or if you will be telling people to call Graham on July 14.

If you are in California, Connecticut, Florida or New York, you have a
Senator who voted to SUPPORT waste incineration last year. Please call your
Senator to tell her/him that waste incineration is NOT renewable energy.
Phone numbers at the end of this email.


Garbage Incineration is a Dirty and Dangerous Way to Generate Energy

Right now, the Senate is working to pass a dirty, dangerous energy bill that
would harm consumers, public health and the environment. It leaves American
consumers at the mercy of big power companies and threatens our coasts and
public lands.

In particular, the garbage incinerator industry is trying to classify
burning garbage as a clean, renewable energy source, qualifying for tax
breaks and incentives, which would encourage the construction of new garbage
incinerators. Garbage incineration is dangerous to public health and costly
to consumers.

Senator Graham of Florida, who is running for president in 2004, is an
ardent supporter of "waste-to-energy" facilities, and is leading the fight
to include them in the energy bill as clean, renewable energy. Do we want a
president who puts the profits of the incinerator industry ahead of people's

We need to urge Senator Graham to oppose any incentives for garbage
incineration. This dangerous and expensive source of energy should not count
towards a renewable energy standard, nor should it be encouraged through
taxpayer-funded subsidies. Although the incinerator industry insists that
burning garbage is a safe way to provide energy, the reality is that garbage
incineration produces hazardous pollutants like dioxin and mercury and would
displace important resources for truly clean energy sources like solar and

Contact Senator Graham's campaign office and let him know that garbage
incineration is dangerous -- it's not a clean, renewable energy source, and
it will cost taxpayers money.

Senator Graham's Campaign Office: 305-328-5000
E-mail: contact@no.address

Let's give Graham this message in person too! In the next week, Graham will
be in New Hampshire -- check out his schedule at

In addition, Senators Clinton (NY), Dodd (CT), Lieberman (CT), Feinstein
(CA), and Graham (FL) voted last year to classify incinerators as clean,
renewable energy sources. We need to let them know that the American public
does not support this, and that this year they should vote to exclude
garbage incineration from the energy bill. If you live in one of these
states, please call your Senator(s) in addition to calling Senator Graham's
campaign office and tell him or her not to support garbage incineration as a
renewable energy source in the energy bill.

Senator Lieberman:  202-224-4041
Senator Graham:     202-224-3041
Senator Feinstein:  202-224-3841
Senator Clinton:    202-224-4451
Senator Dodd:       202-224-2823

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